They made a CHOICE to NOT feed or give him water! They made a conscious choice to watch him starve

Girl... you don't have to break your bank this season, to get a fashionably hot handbag.

Oh yes. Let me tell you about some of the cheapest, posh looking leather handbags. Let me get you luxurious embroidery and opulent metal designs, all for a surprisingly tiny fraction of your rent. These bags will just sprinkle so much zest to your sparkle.

You obviously love to strut the fashion streets with catwalk fodder. Yes, with that glamorous leather handbag, with a real stylish hype. You love being appreciated for your hot style, and stunningly good taste. You want to make a bold-fashion-girl statement about your tremendously lavish lifestyle.

Girl, know this... immensely popular leather handbags exude a unique sense of elegance, class and sophistication. If you carry an exclusive and unique leather handbag, then you will surely feel great. In today's fashion world, appearances matter. Whether you're on a date, attending a party, or shopping, people notice your handbag, and they notice you.

A luxuriously hot leather handbag on you, would never look out of fashion. So let's get you started on that perfect look which helps you create a great impression from people around. And let's do this at an...

Extravagantly cheap cost.

YES. Let's talk about the 5 easy tricks to get an elegant, and affordable leather handbag. Just remember, as we consider each aspect of how you choose your opulent handbag, let's also try to find these hot qualities in the cheapest bags available.

I have provided examples of great-looking, cheap handbags with each key feature.

Pick Butter-Soft Leather on Handbags.
Girl, don't eat beans on toast for a whole month, just to afford the best quality leather handbag. You can go for a Sleazy Jane fashionista leather handbag. Sleazy Jane handbags are drum dyed and dry-milled to give the softest, leathery butter feel. They can set you back a nifty £299 pounds.
You could also try the Channel Classic Flap Bag Double in large black super soft buttery caviar leather. It will only set you back USD55. You could also go for the Tory Burch Fleming convertible shoulder bag black color, which will pull USD229 out of your pocket.

For an even cheaper soft-buttery leather, go for the immensely popular, super-cute YBYT Vintage Leather Handbag at just USD30. Imagine, it comes with immaculate straight stitching, rich genuine leather, and a perfect strap length for that petite-chic look.

Choose Ruches and Gold Opulent Metal Designs.
You can still get the delicious golden plums, metallic designs. You can get the "It-Bags" for supermodels and celebutantes, with your working girl pocket-size. You will just love to have these opulent leather handbags, and still want the world to keep thinking they cost you a fortune.
You could go for the Emillie M. Jenna Satchel Shoulder Bag at USD304, it comes with fancy detachable shoulder straps and more than 5 pockets for storing accessories. It has delightfully crafted platinum colored rich buckles and pin straps.

And you could also kill fashion with an iced coffee Jenna Kator Corktown handbag, which will set you back a mere USD263. It has exquisite metal buckles and pins of artful design on its soft leather straps and pocket sides.

You must aim to get luxurious leather handbags that have - the reworked links on the handles, the artful clasp, the soft-sided capacious lightness, and the elegant simplicity of the handheld style.

Select Sophisticated Luxurious Leather Handbag Italian Looks.
Get the most clandestine leather handbag accessory. Make a unique outward statement of your status, fashion savvy and your earning power, all with a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost. Try to get the expensive Italian leather looks, durable and fancy.
You could snatch stares with a Mango Flap chain bag, with soft luxurious cream looks and a golden chain to fit your pockets at USD70. If you have to lug around a laptop, go for the Everlane The Twill Zip Tote at USD48.

Get Extremely Handy Yet Funky and Stylish Designs.
Don't let your leather handbag be a way of carrying things around. Let it be instantly revealing, of your glamorous status. Get a combination of functionality and luxury.
Carry money, credit cards, keys, and lip gloss. Let your leather handbag be a sign of independence and stature. Girl, you have your own cash and bank accounts, and keys to your own property and car - and you want the world to know it.

Go for the hot Messenger Bag perfectly suited to keep your hands free, whilst always having your books, tablets and other college items in the bag. This bag will give you a smooth college-chic look, goes well with blue jeans and canvas shoes.

It will set your college pocket back by merely USD99. It has pre-cut and pre-punched leather to go with two external side pockets and is a must have on-the-go item.

You could also rock with a Vasantha Kokila Geometric Folding Bag at about USD37, with ten great metal locks, which you can adjusted to just the right size to fit your specific dress and occasion. It will definitely make you feel different, and is an attention go-getter!

Buy the Panache and Style in flaunting Leather Handbags.
Try to go for Leather handbags with a unique sensation. Your handbag is a multi-tasking device that combines the virtues of practicality and utility: along with showing off your personal taste, it suggests a certain economic prosperity.
Did you know you can dress in a cheap-looking black trouser suit and grubby faded pink plimsolls crossing the street, and yet look divine because of your choice of leather handbag?

Now get flaunt fabulous with a Faith Nicole solid Black leather handbag that silently screams "I've got it." It will set you back a mere USD41 and comes in mini-cross body style.

You could also go for the fab look JIARULO Leather Cross Body Bag at a mere USD26.

In conclusion.

Try to get reputed luxurious leather handbags that do not cost you a fortune. The idea, is to get your favorite designer trends without burning a hole in your pocket. Take a look at your budget, go online and choose stores that sell designer bags within your budget.

Go for traders who have a reputation for selling authentic and original designs at the cheapest price. And I guarantee you, with this approach, you can get a classic designer leather handbag at unbelievable prices. Go looking hot girl!

This picture is not any clearer this morning. He arrived last night to the ER after much diagnostic he weighs barely 9 pounds; he is skin and bones. This picture does not even show how skinny he is! His bones are sticking out under his skin, his muscle tone is gone, he wobbles when he tries to stand. He is super weak and his temp was 100, higher than at the shelter but still on the low end.

His sodium is off the charts, this means that this sweet baby has NOT been provided water for a long time. We have had rain for 5 days so what makes this story worse is that they did not just throw little Perkins outside and ignore him. He was kept inside a home where everyday the family had to walk by and look at Perkins, everyday they looked him get worse and worse. They made a CHOICE to NOT feed or give him water! They made a conscious choice to watch him starve, WHAT KIND OF MONSTER does that, do the children now think this is how you care for ANIMALS?! Perkins was STARVED, he was neglected, his eyes are so INFECTED they were covered in slimy discharge! It does not take much to provide food and water! I am sorry I am ranting...these allow me to process and advocate for the VICTIM BUT I CAN HONESTLY SAY THIS IS THE WORST CASE of CRUELTY I have seen in THREE YEARS! I am so angry! We are so angry! This was a dog the family choose to adopt in NOVEMBER then yesterday his PIECE of SH#% OWNERS brought him back to the shelter because after they choose to starve him, they no longer wanted him. How do you look at yourself in the mirror, how did you live with yourself?! Karma is a bitch and it will come full circle!

The only thing I am grateful for is that the family decided to return Perkins to the shelter! I am thankful for the amazing shelter staff that has to deal with this stupidity on a daily basis! I am thankful for being apart of saving gods creatures and giving them a second chance! I am thankful for DogRRR Nation and the amazing things you do everyday to help us!!!!

Perkins has a long road ahead. He will remain hospitalized until he is strong enough to go home. The critical part is we need to gets his sodium down slow and steady, if it comes down too fast it can kill him.

Thank you for your support !

You will dazzle us with that hot European Style Charm Bracelet that you've just bought online. Definitely. It shingles. Its faceted sides sparkling hot in shades of emerald green, diamond blue, ruby crimson red, and an icy yellow-orange.

The bracelet looks amazing. Now, you wonder... how do I match this to my dresses? What color combinations work?

Will you look hot in an irregular vintage double layer Chiffon Pleat Maxi Long skirt, and your white short sleeved-blouse? Since your skirt is sparkling emerald-green. And your neatly manicured feet, are in a pair of golden strap-on sandals. Would a cool yellow-orange European Style Charm Bracelet have a perfect color fit?

How should you match your dress and charm bracelet colors for a most impressive hit?

Do not stress much about it... we can use the much acclaimed and ubiquitous color chart for your fashion savvy hot-chic matching.

If we match just 4 color and dress combinations together, you will definitely get the flow and be comfortable matching the visual spectrum of a thousand colors, to your European Style Charm Bracelets.

Let's start by identifying 4 hottest fashion-guru favorite color matches.

Complimentary Colors.
Split-Complimentary Colors.
Analogous Colors.
Triad Colors.
Now, let's use these hot color matches to your dress and charm bracelet combinations.
Complimentary Color Matching.
Girl, your fashion aunty would firmly say this... opposite colors are a deep attraction. They will give you an amazing striking effect. By this I mean-:
green and red,
yellow and blue,
black and white.
green and white.
You would really mesmerize in a green bubble skirt, white blouse and some ruby-red European Style Charm Bracelet. It will give you a hot puffed up silhouette, with the gathered-in hem style.
See how I have deepened the color contrast by playing on complete opposite ends of the color catch. That's unarguably dazzling, girl.

However, do not get carried away, try to use small accents of the complimentary colors. This way you can look super-hot without getting over the edge and starting to resemble a Christmas tree. Give it just the right dab.

Now you can clearly see that the option we mentioned earlier, of an emerald green dress and a yellow-orange charm bracelet, does not really stand out because the colors are not so contrasting.

Split-Complimentary Colors.
Here girl, you take one key contrasting color and mix it with just the right complimentary mix of several opposite colors. This mostly works with the faceted glass or Murano beads of your exquisite European Style Charm Bracelet. The facetting acts like a match with your slight shimmer of the color splits.

Let's try these colors-:

Green - works with red-violet and red-orange.
Blue - works with green-red and orange.
Violet - works with yellow-orange and yellow-green.
Let's have you rock in a hot asymmetrical hem skirt, with a handkerchief pinching at its center and the corners hanging down. And the colors in the vertical folds could be a cool blue with a dash of green red and orange. Then splash on your diamond blue European Style Charm Bracelet to lap in with the vibrant blue on your hem skirt.
Analogous Colors.
Now girl, these are closely related colors that tend to have a super unifying effect if used in good proportions together. You may have 3-5 such colors in a super-chic matching of your dresses to your European Style Charm Bracelet.

Let's try to feel these color streams-:

Red, orange-yellow, orange; yellow, yellow-green, green.

Wonderful, feeling I would say. Did you feel the soothing smoothness? Of course these colors will not be too obviously vibrant like the purely complementary color sets, but still they rock.

You will definitely look super-hot wearing a flaring trumpet skirt, of red, yellow-green and green analogous mix, with your shimmering emerald-green European Style Charm Bracelet.

And lastly, let's look at-:

Triad Colors.
To create a constant, well-balanced rhythm in your fashion style, let's pick colors that are of equal distance from each other on the color chart.

Now girl, close your eyes. Take a good long breadth and feel these colors-:

Red, yellow, blue.
Yellow-orange, blue-green, red-violet.
Red-orange, yellow-green, blue-violet.
Astounding, is it not? They kind of give one a cool retro-balanced feel, with some sort of raging bohemian roughness. A kind of model appeal that, dares to declare that you can still put a dress of many colors and yet look ravishing hot.
You can slip on your super-chi high waist stripe reffle asymmetrical midi skirt. With color stripes of red-orange, yellow-green, blue-violet. And you can slap on your ruby -red European Style Charm Bracelet to accentuate with the crimson and green colors.

Now to wrap this up,

Girl, you must remember-:

Use a color chart to choose the hottest mix to suit your preference.
Completely opposite colors definitely ROCK!
Multiple color combinations are good as long as they are sitting an equal distance away from each other on your color chart.
Don't overdo you coloring, you'll end up looking like a rainbow.
Now go choose your dresses and the best color fit for your sparkling European Style Charm Bracelets!

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