3 month old puppy with mangled leg and bone exposed, punish jerk who did this

Some people may wonder if technical analysis futures trading is the same regardless of the market that you are trading. Well, at first, the answer may seem like it is. After all, most technical analysis is predicated on data derived from a contract. However, there are at least a couple of differences between doing technical analysis on the futures market and any other market that may be considered.

Futures are traded in contracts which relate to a specific grade and amount of the item the futures contract represents. And, this is deliverable at some time in the future as determined by the month of the contract.

This is very different from trading a stock. We know that the stock of a company represents the equity of the company. But, we have no idea what it really represents other than the dollar value of the share.

Technical Analysis for Futures

That being said, does this mean that we can't use the same type of technical analysis on futures as any other market? After all, so many technical analysis futures trading platforms deliver the same indicators as could be used for stocks or Forex. But, that would imply that there is something similar among the markets, right?

Well, fortunately there is one basic underlying premise to all of these markets (futures, stocks and Forex) that is similar. People come together for the sole reason of buying or selling something. And, the value of what is traded can be determined with absolute certainty at any time.

Since this is the case (and as a basis for our technical analysis futures trading decision), we can create a price chart based on the actions of the people participating in these markets at any point in time. So, the question may become, why would the actions of these traders be important enough for us to chart?

Well, if the underlying catalysts that causes these markets to move can be found in the actions of the people who participate in them, then we can begin to rationalize that is what these people do that will either cause the value of the item being traded to rise or fall. And, while we can't really tell what these people are thinking, we can definitely tell what they are doing.

This is the cornerstone of technical analysis for me. One of the best ways to connect the psychology of the market to the fluctuations of the price chart, in my opinion, is a method called the Elliott Wave. I have studied this for years and would never trade without it.

While there isn't any magic bullet in trading, implementing the Elliott Wave in my trading has allowed me to trade with the market trend rather than fight it. And, as result of this, I find that I am more able to manage my emotions in my trading.

Sometimes we just cannot believe the sad cases we encounter and this one is really awful
This poor 3 month old puppy has been suffering for god knows how long

Animal control was called to the owners house after they received a complaint about this puppy from a neighbor
The owner allowed her to remain like this for days , in pain and wrapped a cloth around the leg and placed a stick in the make shift bandage ( see photo, bottom left )
We will pursue charges against the owner
Now this puppy we have named JoJo is in septic shock from infection and needs an immediate blood transfusion or SHE WILL DIE

Animal Control took her to the shelter and we were called immediately to help
We cannot let her die , her only chance at survival is EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE
TO WALK INTO THE AUSTIN ER IS AT LEAST $1000 with little to no treatment


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Depending on your short or long term objectives, you will need to identify your target before considering to invest your money and more importantly: knowing how much to invest.

How do I know which investment duration to choose?

This all depends on your financial needs. If you believe that you will need to have access to your investment at any given time, you shouldn't take any risks and should always opt for investments which don't require your funds to frozen for any period of time. Liquid investments are always key in this instance.

However, if you have other investments which are liquid and want to invest additional funds, then you could always opt for longer term investments (5 to 10 years) which leaves your doors open to more choices. Although longer investments sometimes involve slightly higher risk, the rewards are significantly higher than those of short-term investments.

Let's take a look at various investment lengths and what they mean for you:

Short term:

Professional investors and fund managers will generally classify a short-term investment as one which lasts 3 years or less. Those usually include a saving account, a money market fund or any other type of investment which offers you some sort of guarantee on your investment's time frame. Although you don't really benefit from high payouts, the main advantage of this type of investment is security of your funds.

Medium term:

Usually lasting between 3 to 8 years, a medium-term investment still contains minimized risk over the period of time of your investment, while the rewards are slightly higher than those mentioned in the previous point. With a good diversification of your funds and well thought-out placement of your investment in commodities, you can get a healthy return on your investment.

Long term:

Usually going beyond 8 years, long-term investments make time your best friend. This allows you to invest in markets which usually contain volatility in the short-term but which are historically the most profitable in the long term, given that they always get back to their original level before finding new peaks.

Finding your own objectives:

Your objectives are not only defined by the length of your preferred investment choices, but also by the amount of capital that you have. There are usually two types of investment: one which aims to generate capital from a low sum, and one which entails investing a large sum of money in order to generate periodic returns on that large investment. You should also always ask yourself what your goal is; if it's to save for a house, retirement, or your kid's college fund, avoid any risky investment which may hinder your goals.

How's your temper?

Even if you find the perfect time frame and know exactly how much you're going to invest, an investor's nerves can sometimes be their own worst enemy. If a loss of 10% of your funds will stress you out, you're better off opting for a safe investment which will not stress you out as much. Placing long-term investment in diamonds is the preferred method of many people simply because it is a safe method which gives you a steady return every year.

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