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Buying a home is a major commitment, arguably the biggest that anyone will ever take on. It is not just the amount of money involved, but the fact that failure to maintain repayments will mean losing the home. The pressure is therefore huge. But how can someone get a home loan with bad credit issues hanging over them?

While it is true that bad credit ratings do not have a positive impact on any loan application, it is also true that there are ways around the problem. The reason is that securing mortgage approval is dependent on the quality of the application rather than the credit scores of the applicant.

But when it comes to putting together a winning home loan application, what is needed? The good news is that it is not difficult to strengthen an application to make it attractive to lenders, with some planned moves ensuring the best chance of success.

Why Bad Credit Is No Big Issue

Traditional lenders have always used bad credit scores as a reason for turning down a loan application. This is because a low score is traditionally believed to mean the borrower is more likely to default on the loan. When seeking a home loan with bad credit, being able to prove this will not be the case is vital.

The fact is that a credit score only indicates the history that the applicant has, but does not accurately indicate their current situation. There may have been difficult financial times in the past, for example being unemployed, but now the applicant may have a new (or even improved) source of income.

When securing mortgage approval it is income that is of much greater significance. So, there is no reason to think that a poor credit history should hold your home loan application back. It is all a matter of establishing affordability.

The Key Factors

Affordability is the key factor, but there are two elements that go to establishing this. These are the income of the applicant and the amount of debt that the applicant already has. If these two aspects are in good order then the chances of getting a home loan with bad credit are very strong.

Income is an obvious condition when applying for a mortgage, and it is essential that the size of the income must be enough to meet the monthly repayments with comfort. Lenders are not interested in straining financial situations, so securing mortgage approval can only be achieved if heavy financial problems are avoided as a result.

The debt-to-income ratio reflects the amount of debt that already exists, and how much credit strains an applicant is already under. It is calculated by measuring income against existing monthly expenses, and home loans are only granted if the repayments keep the percentage income committed to debts to less than 40%.

Strengthening Your Application

So, what can be done to strengthen your application? Well, the improving your credit score is a help, but lowering your existing debt is more beneficial. Happily, both can be accomplished at the same time, so getting a home loan with bad credit need not be ruled out.

It would be a good idea to use a consolidation loan to clear some or all of the existing debt. However, it is important the repayments on the loan are significantly less than the current combined monthly repayments.

This helps in securing mortgage approval because, with each debt repaid in full, the credit score is increased. And with a lower sum to pay each month, the amount of excess income available to commit to repayments on the home loan is increased too.

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For bad credit borrowers, the need to refinance their mortgage can be the lifesaver they need to stay afloat financially. After all, the mortgage is easily the biggest private debt any individual will take on in their lifetime. But what happens if their application for a home loan with bad credit is rejected?

Well, there are always alternatives to choose from. They can range in type and in size, but it is important to understand that like all loan products, getting the application right for the loan in question is the key. For example, it may be possible to secure a large personal loan with bad credit, or perhaps use the equity already secured on the home as collateral.

There are several alternative home financing options which can play a key role in improving the overall financial situation. But what are these options and do they really effectively replace the home loan?

Considering a Home Equity Loan

There are several advantages to getting a home equity loan, not least the fact that the size of the loan can be substantially bigger that normal loans. This means that, arguably, it is the best alternative when an application for a home loan with bad credit fails.

Home equity is the value share of a home that is owned by the homeowner. Basically, it relates to the percentage of the mortgage already paid off. However, lenders are willing to accept just 25% of the loan principal as security, so equity of $50,000 can mean a loan of $200,000.

When seeking a personal loan with bad credit, these kinds of funds are extremely difficult to secure, so it is easy to see why this option is popular. It also comes at a very low interest rate, making it a highly attraction alternative home financing option overall.

Considering A Personal Loan

It is a most difficult job securing the kind of finance needed to match a normal mortgage or home loan. And the fact that one may be seeking a home loan with bad credit means the loan limit is going to be kept fairly low.

However, there are ways to secure large personal loans with bad credit. For example, a loan of $50,000 is within reach if there is some collateral provided matching that value - or even a cosigner willing to cover the repayments in the event your situation becomes difficult again.

Crucially, as an alternative home financing option, these funds can be used to either secure a substantial down payment on a home, to help cover maintenance costs on an older home, or to clear debts to improve the debt-to-income ratio, thus paving the way to a more successful mortgage application.

Refinancing At A Later Date

It is very important when seeking a large loan, whether it is an equity loan, personal loan or home loan, with bad credit that there are is room for alterations further down the road. If your financial situation should worsen for some reason, then being able to refinance is the most effective way to avoiding financial nightmares.

It is wise to take a very structured view of the big picture, and recognize where the benefits are in the future. This includes ensuring your credit status steadily improves so that there is no reason to seek a personal loan with bad credit.

Affordability is key for any loan, but when one loan application is rejected that does not mean there are no more options. There are plenty of alternative home financing options to consider.

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