Her only family moved and left her alone, sad Lillian abandoned with her bed and all her toys

Tips for Choosing a Mortgage Lender

It is natural for home buyers to focus on the search for the perfect mortgage. However, if the perfect loan comes from a less than perfect lender, you can easily get in trouble. That is why it pays off to research and compare the different loan providers in order to pick the right one for you. Use some practical advice that will help you with this task.


The mortgage lender that you choose to work with must be licensed to provide home loan products and services in your area. This is the first and foremost requirement that must be met. You can now check whether a loan provider is licensed online. It will take no more than a few minutes. You simply need to visit the Consumer Access web page of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and use the tools and information available there.

Service Criteria

Once you confirm that the home loan provider is licensed, you can move on to evaluating their service. There are five main criteria that this service must meet. These include honesty and reliability, communication and assistance and expertise. It is easy to evaluate a provider based on these criteria. You simply need to evaluate them based on the initial dealings that you have with them and on the reviews of other customers.

The perfect mortgage lender is honest and keeps their word. If you find that there is considerable difference between the quote that you have got and the loan ad you first saw, then it is best to stay away from this company as it may attempt to mislead you again. It is essential for the provider to establish good communication with you as a lender. They should respond to your calls and queries timely and give you all the attention that you require.

You should get all the assistance which you require when you compare the different types of loans available and when you are making your application. The more information and advice you can get the better. It is easy to recognize if the loan provider or more precisely their representative has expertise. The professional will explain everything from the application to the closing in detail and give you an overview of the main financing options available to you. They will be able to answer each and every question sufficiently quickly and confidently.

Product Criteria

You should evaluate the diversity, quality and affordability of the mortgage programs offered by the lender that you consider working with. Check what types of programs the provider offers. The more they are the better. You should be able to select from fixed-rate programs, variable-rate and other high-risk programs and government-backed programs as well.

You must check what interest rates the lender offers. Your best bet is to ask about the rate on the 30-year fixed-interest loan. If it is competitive then the rates on the other programs should be competitive as well. It is equally important that you request a breakdown of the closing cost and get a precise estimate of its size. This will help you greatly in evaluating the affordability of the programs.

Finally, it definitely helps to get recommendations from friends and coworkers when selecting a mortgage lender.

Urgent sweet dog friendly Senior needs a holiday miracle ASAP her life depends on it. At 10 years old Lillian family abandoned her living her alone in a pen outside in the yard. For days she went without food and water. When discovers Lillian was unsure and frightened. She was taken to the Babylon NY Animal Shelter. That was Aug 4. 4 months later she still sits in a shelter wondering where everyone went. The saddest part is Lillian is not well. She has mammary tumors and a heart murmur. She is kept separate from the other animals because she’s not feeling good. She will not receive the medical attention or love she desperately needs at the shelter. Please share and tag to get Lillian her miracle. She’s counting on us

Here’s what shelter volunteers have to say Here is the shelter bio:

Lillian #18-355. Arrived 8/4/2018
We know we are asking for close to a miracle, but 10 year old Lillian needs it. Lillian was found abandoned in a yard, in a pen, after the owner moved out. It was days that she was alone without anyone to bring her food or water. When those there to help her approached, she was frightened and unsure; she was uncertain how to accept their help. Lillian came to the shelter and over time, learned to trust those willing to take the time to help her along and stole a lot of hearts. shes not feeling well because she needs medical and is kept separate . We know that 10 years old, and an undesirable past, makes Lillian a hard adoption. But, every dog deserves a chance, and Lillian is no different. Can you show her love and the trust she yearns for in the time she has left? Ok she likes other dogs for sure and they believe she would do ok with cats even though not officially tested. That’s how sweet she is.

Babylon Animal Shelter at (631) 643-9270
80 New Highway
Amityville, New York
Ask for information about Lillian #18-355

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Avoiding Surprise Mortgage Costs

When you are working toward a mortgage agreement, there are a lot of hurdles to jump and possible roadblocks. Until a formal agreement is reached, offers can be adjusted or rescinded, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. But, if you prepare well, there are ways to safeguard yourself against surprises.

Don't Lie About Past Credit Issues
It can be tempting to gloss over bankruptcies or other issues with your past credit. However, these will come up if they are still recent enough to be part of your credit report. As painful as it can be, be honest. Otherwise, you could wind up planning around a lower interest rate than you will ultimately get.

Disclose Unusual Circumstances with Your Income or the Property
If you are self-employed or have changed jobs, it can sometimes be hard to be sure of future income. Being honest about these facts at the start means fewer surprises later on. Also, if you are looking at a property like a condo in a community that is just in its first phase, or if you are buying in a place that turns out to be mostly rentals, you may wind up paying more on your mortgage in the end.

Find Out How Long Your Locked-in Rate Lasts
Often, the rates that we are offered are only guaranteed for a short period of time, usually 30 to 60 days. If you do not close during that period, you may not wind up getting that rate. When making agreements, ask if the rate that you have been quoted can be locked in until you are finished with closing, as that can sometimes take months. Get any agreements in writing. Verbal ones can be much more difficult to enforce.

Be Wary of Changes After a Letter of Commitment
Early in the mortgage process, many things can change. But, once a letter of commitment has been sent, most of the wheels for approval have been set into motion. Question your mortgage professional closely about any changes that occur after this point and say that you expect them to honor your original agreement.

Make Sure You Have Extra Funds Available
When you are estimating how much you need for your down payment and closing costs, leave a cushion in your account for surprises. This way, a small but unexpected cost won't throw a wrench into the whole process. Those extra funds are also handy for when you move into your new home. Sometimes, problems with a property are not apparent until you have moved in. Having another several thousand tucked away can ensure that these issues do not become major disasters.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Somewhere Else
Buying a home is a long and exhausting process. But, if your bank keeps surprising you with unexpected fees and increased costs, you should tell them that you are willing to walk. Be willing to go through the mortgage approval process with more than one lender. Often, knowing that they have competition will make your mortgage officer more likely to be willing to work with you to close the deal.

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