Please do not pass on this story! look at pic. we need to help. Read entire article

Update: Buddy and his owner are well known in Gaston, Oregon. Police and A.C. have been called many times. Nothing is done because the sticky side of the tape is covered and it is not stuck to his fur. Regardless, this prevents Buddy from panting, drinking water and covers his nostrils. He claims Buddy is dangerous when he isn't around, thus the makeshift muzzle.

The owner is homeless and so he cannot leave Buddy at home, as he has no home. This man has been provided a basket muzzle twice and he refuses to use them. People have seen him passed out in the shade while Buddy is tied in the sun to a dumpster. There are MANY people highly worried about Buddy, but then there are those who defend this guy.

Buddy did not appear at all aggressive, but I could be wrong. Even if he is aggressive, he needs a small world where he has a home, a secure yard and not be paraded in public. A homeless man cannot provide the proper environment for this dog. Some people who know him say that Buddy is only muzzled like this for short periods of time. NO AMOUNT OF TIME IS OK TO BE MUZZLED IN THIS WAY!

This man clearly has mental health/addiction issues. I am sympathetic to those conditions; however, sometimes health issues prevent us from being adequate pet owners and this is such a case.

A problem I see is that IF A.C. takes Buddy and IF Buddy is deemed aggressive, then Buddy will be euthanized. Since I run a rescue, I am connected with folks in the rescue community and we are networking and being methodological about this situation. Things are rarely as simple as they seem. 😉 Ideally, I would like to see this fellow sign over ownership to a legit Bully breed rescue where Buddy can be evaluated outside of a shelter environment, which is often stressful and can trigger otherwise very nice dogs into being defensive and appear aggressive. Some of us have discussed offering the owner money for Buddy.

Maybe it would work, maybe it won't. A friend has reached out to a group who works with homeless people and their pets. This group is more skilled and experienced than myself at effective communication with folks who suffer from mental illness and addiction. Buddy's story isn't over.

Update: law enforcement agencies and animal control are the only ones who can lawfully remove Buddy from his owner. RESCUES CANNOT!
If you would like to speak with Washington county sheriff's department +1 503-846-2600, or Bonnie Hays animal services (Washington county's animal control) +1 503-846-7041 about Buddy, please do so.

5 Responses to "Please do not pass on this story! look at pic. we need to help. Read entire article"

  1. Why must we care about what is legal when the legal aspect of the law means nothing' when it comes to rescuing a canine's life'clearly in distress, suffering from what justifies inhumane treatment'? After reaching out to police officials for h.e.l.p several attempts at different times onlookers place calls out of concern for this poor innocent helpless pup' bound about his body with chains & duct taped official's refusing to help' claiming humane & acceptable treatment How does this qualify for Humane Treatment'? Why do we have Animal Rights/Welfare/Animal Protection Laws when laws are not upheld by officials' time & time again'? Animal Welfare/Animal Rights /Animal Protection Law's are not upheld'nationwide'!!!
    Clearly in this case, you be the judge'... I submit to you when faced with a situation such as this Animal Abuse/Cruelty understanding no grey area clearly blk & white having called officials for help (according to the law') & finding none I say to hell' with so called legalities from a system steeped in corruption unethical immoral & inhumane practices when facing a life in harm's way suffering injustice's of cruelty' & you have an opportunity' to save a life otherwise' subject to abuse/ cruelty/death'!!! Do it'!!! At all cost'! Somebody pl's save this poor pup'!!! what does it take for society's elected seats in power to do their duty/job' obligation' ethical & moral to protect those who are dependant & unable to protect themselves against preditor abuse' before police get involved'?? Aggressive' when cruel owner isn't around? B.S.!!! Pl's just get this HELPLESS pup out of harm's way' & away from ignorant cruel heartless owner' homeless' suffering from mental health/ addiction disorder' whatever it takes!!! Bolt cutters looks to be'all that's needed here & a hero willing to exercise a lil' common sense'!!! He needs a hero a good samaritan this is UNCONSCIENCEABLE"!!! Does this constitute humane treatment in you're eyes'??? Anybody??? Shame' on this police dept' God have Mercy' on the US over taken by corruption greed & every EVIL there of'...Somebody pls' help him'!!!There are no words for the system failing another innocent dog' chained about his body & gagged by tape covering his airway's his mouth to where he can't eat or drink'!!! Police' officers who's been called to the scene of this poor DEFENSELESS pup'in my opinion as well as other's clearly unqualified' untrained & ignorant of their gross neglect' & unwillingness to help its unjustifiable'!!! Pl's get media on this a picture is worth a thousand words'!!! This is cruelty' A MISSCARIGE OF JUSTICE' This needs to go viral'!!!!!

    1. When the owner is passed out,get your cell phone and take a picture of the situation. Remove the dog and take him to a safe house, or shelter for neglected animals. Why can't you be the hero? It sounds like you are the only one who can be the hero. This dog needs you to do something for him. Just do it and God will help you.

  2. Very cruel take the dog off the uncaring 💩.


  4. Take that of!! Hè refuse a normal mussle so the owner had his chanve.niw pls take the dog.give give money.or better..tape his mouth so hè can t drink anymore.


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